Great Preston VC C of E Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Katie Pashley
Chair of Governors: Mr David Jordan

Preston Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26 8AR

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Black History Month Learning Logs

Over the half term holidays, children were asked to find out about a famous figure from Black History. Have a look at some of our fabulous work...

Cycling Fun

Most of Year 5 took part in a cycling session this morning. Children learnt how to cycle around a track and practised techniques for travelling around a corner. Everyone then moved onto cycling in and out of cones, under bars and over ramps, before finishing with a race! What a thrilling way to end the half term!

Anglo Saxon Food

It was an exciting end to our topic work on Wednesday when we learnt how to cook pottage, an Anglo Saxon soup. Everyone used 'bridge' and 'claw' to carefully prepare the vegetables for our hearty soup. We were very impressed with our finished results, although we're not sure the rest of the school enjoyed the smell of our boiled cabbage!


Our Science focus for the half term has been all about materials. This week, we designed an experiment to answer the question 'Which metal is the best conductor of electricity?' The methods ranged from rating the brightness of a bulb to the time taken for a buzzer to sound.


We have been working very hard practising our spellings for homework. Here are a few photos of our most recent, fabulous work...

National Poetry Day

We enjoyed looking at Last night I saw the city breathing by Andrew Peters. After identifying examples of personification, we explored the effect of these on the reader. We then selected our favourite phrase from the poem and drew pictures to represent it. Our afternoon was filled with performance poetry as we learnt and performed our poem to Year 1.


Our computing unit for the half term is 'We are cryptographers'. In looking at how information is communicated, we have learnt how to use semaphore signals, Morse code and the Caesar cipher.


What a fantastic first week back we've had in Year 5. We have settled in to our new classroom, routines and roles and have already launched our Anglo Saxon topic. Our week began with attempting to make an origami penguin... This proved a great reminder of the importance of having a growth mindset when approaching new challenges, which will really help us in this new school year! 



Working with clay

As we come to the end of our Ancient Greek topic, we have begun our final research area - Greek pottery. Before designing and making our own clay pots, we explored different clay techniques.

Squashed Tomato Challenge

After looking at forces in Science, we used our knowledge create a system to transport tomatoes. Have a look at some of our fantastic designs...


Some of our children took a trip to The Climbing Depot for a bouldering session. They came back very excited about how high and far they had managed to climb.

Writing Week

What an exciting start to our last week of the half term! We all took part in an African workshop, where we learnt about the story of Bukki and Leg. We have then spent the week planning our own version of the story, writing, redrafting and finally publishing our final piece! 

Royal Wedding Celebrations

To celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, we came dressed in our finest clothes and enjoyed a tea party on the field. 




The whole class took part in their bikeability training this week. They spent half a day develop their skills on the playground and then a full day learning how to cycle safely on the roads. A big well done to those children who had to brave the miserable weather for their training. 


Playground designs

Over the holidays, the everyone was asked to re-design our playground. Here are some of Year 5's designs...


IMG_0268.JPG     IMG_0269.JPG     IMG_0270.JPG     IMG_0271.JPG     IMG_0272.JPG     

IMG_0273.JPG     IMG_0274.JPG     IMG_0275.JPG

New Topic

This half term's topic is Fairtrade! Keep looking for updates on our most recent work... 


Fractions Fun

We will be spending the next few weeks learning about fractions! We have learnt how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers, compare fractions and add and subtract them.

IMG_0151.JPG      IMG_0152.JPG      IMG_0153.JPG      IMG_0158.JPG   IMG_0159.JPG


 Space Topic

We have really enjoyed our space topic this half term. Our music focus allowed us to listen and respond to Holst's The Planets as well as learn all about Holst himself. After creating our own ostinato, we composed a piece of music using various instruments. Our visit from the stardome allowed us to explore the night sky and learn about the solar system.