Great Preston VC C of E Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Katie Pashley
Chair of Governors: Mr David Jordan

Preston Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26 8AR

0113 232 0034


The children had a fantastic transition day in Year One and had lots of lovely comments to make about next year. Here are a few of the things they are looking forward to: 

"going on the big playground"

"tricky Maths work"

"having real Maths books"

"taking our snacks outside"

"a new classroom"


Reception Class had a fabulous trip to Lotherton Hall. They really enjoyed exploring the gardens  and the wildlife area. We all sat down and had an ice cream in the sunshine. 

African Workshop

The children in Reception class really enjoyed their workshop with Karim the visitor. He told us the story of the Hyena and the Rabbit. The children really enjoyed finding out all about Africa. Karim played different instruments for us and we moved around as different animals. The visit really inspired the children and we have followed this up in class through orally retelling the story, drawing story maps and writing our own versions of the story. 


This week we had a special delivery in Reception class: some frogspawn. We have been watching it closely and already it has started to hatch and we have our own tadpoles. The children are very excited to watch as the tadpoles grow and change. We are trying to understand that growing and changing can take a long time and that they won't turn into frogs over night. The children have their own tadpole diary so that we can record our observations as they grow and change.


Following on from the children's interests in money we decided to build a shop in the outdoor area. The children really enjoyed being a part of making this enhancement and some fabulous learning has taken place since. 

British Science Week. 

Today the children have been learning all about Science and carrying out different investigations based around our 5 senses. First of all we wanted to find out who had the best hearing- adults or children? So we did a hearing test and we found that children have the best hearing. We also investigated a range of objects to see which different sounds they made. 

We also investigated our sense of smell. the children had some mystery smell pots that they had to try and use their sense of smell to recognise what was inside. They really enjoyed trying to work them out and recorded their ideas. 

We carried out lots of different investigations and some of the children thought of their own lines of enquiry. 

 Reception Class had a visit from the police. The children had all prepared a number of questions that they wanted answering. We interviewed the officer and found out lots of information.  The children looked at all of the equipment and the uniform, she even let us try on the handcuffs!  We showed the officer our police station that we have made in class and she gave us some ideas of things that we could add. The children all listened really well and spoke confidently to the officer. 


Last half term a mysterious object crash landed onto the school field and the children were so excited that they decided to learn all about Space. We turned our role-play area into a space ship and read lots of stories related to space and aliens. It was exciting to explore many new and interesting things such as Jelly aliens and space slime. 


We enjoyed a visit from the Yorkshire Planetarium. We were able to imagine going into space and seeing all of the planets and stars first hand.