Great Preston VC C of E Primary School

'I can do all things through him who strengthens me.’
Philippians 4.13

Worship Committee

Representatives from each class make up our worship committee. They meet regularly to consult on the worship provision across school and to assist Reverend Diane and Mrs Pashley in their delivery of collective worship. They plan and deliver acts of worship across school.  They are responsible for leading on many aspects of worship, including the monitoring of Worship.


This year, our worship committee members are:

The Worship Committee have recently developed the liturgy that we use in Collective worship as a whole school or at a class level. They will continue to add to this liturgy over the course of the year. 

Areas for Worship

The Worship Committee have created a reflection station in school. This contains a number of prayers and prompts related to forgiveness. This area has been well received by the children. 

The next set of areas of Worship, that the children are developing are the Creation Prayer Station outdoors and a Thankfulness station on the Playground. 

The committee also maintain their areas of Worship within their classrooms. 

March 2020 Worship Committee meeting

The worship committee met with Miss Greenwood and Rev. Diane to discuss their plans for the future. 

The committee's next project is the development of 'Prayer stations' around the school and it's grounds. The children thought about what these would look like and what they would include. They even carried out a tour of the school to spot potential locations. If you have any suggestions please contact your class committee member. 

Remembrance Day 

Members of our worship council attended a special Remembrance service as our  school representatives and laid a wreath at the cenotaph.