Great Preston VC C of E Primary School

'I can do all things through him who strengthens me.’
Philippians 4.13


How English supports our school’s vision:

In English, our aim is to equip our children with the communication skills they will need to actively participate in society as 21st century learners and to inspire a love of literature and language. Every support will be given to children to develop skills to read fluently and with confidence so they can fully enjoy and engage with a rich range of literature and access information. Through discussion, they will make choices about their own preferences and learn to think critically, a skill which will enhance every area of their education. Writing will give opportunities to address different audiences and contexts for both pleasure and real purpose. Children will learn to express themselves creatively and be prepared to communicate effectively in various ways to achieve their aspirations.




Writing is taught using Talk4Writing. There are three stages to the process: imitate, innovate and independent application. These are followed through in each unit of work.


Children learn a core model text using actions and text maps to help them internalise language and structure.


Once children have internalised this model they are then able to change aspects of it in order to create their own story using the structures of the original.

 Independent Application

Children apply their learning to create their own story.


Carefully chosen model texts help the children to familiarise themselves with each genre, learning suitable language and literary devices until they can independently structure their own pieces to express their individual creativity.

A range of fiction genres is covered each year. The curriculum is mapped to ensure that each genre is covered and some are revisited across the year groups.

Writing in Early Years uses the ‘Helicopter Stories’ approach. Children initially tell stories verbally, which are scribed by their teacher. As the children’s phonics knowledge increases the teacher invites them to participate more in the writing process, developing their skills whilst keeping the flow and content of their stories.  The children act out their stories with the rest of the class, developing their enthusiasm for writing, vocabulary and confidence within a safe and supportive environment. As the year progresses the children are introduced to the Talk4Writing model to develop their story structure knowledge and vocabulary.