Great Preston VC C of E Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Katie Pashley
Chair of Governors: Mr David Jordan

Preston Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26 8AR

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Curriculum Evening- This Wednesday 18th 3.30pm

Parents & Carers- Don't forget it is our Curriculum Evening on Wednesday- You are welcome to come and join us in Nursery to find out about our routines and curriculum and ask any questions on the evening regarding your child's learning and development!

We look forward to seeing you there! There is also a McMillan Bake Sale after the evening that our Year 4 & 5 children have been baking for!

What a start and what a week! 

We have all had a lovely start to Nursery- all the new children and our Nursery 2 children have settled so well and are happy! We have had so much fun learning our routines and loving our new classroom! 

Photos to follow of our busy learning...

September 2019-20

Welcome back to all Nursery children!

We look forward to welcoming you back for lots of lovely new learning! Please keep you eyes peeled on this page for regular updates, pictures and important information! 







Garforth Fire Engine Visit

We had some exciting visitors to school on Thursday. The firemen for Garforth Fire Station brought a fire engine to school! We had such an amazing time looking at the different parts of the fire engine and asking lots of different questions which we had thought about before the visit. We even got to sit in the back and in the drivers seat of the fire engine! We were really excited and really enjoyed the visit. This visit will kick start our new topic of People Who Help Us.

British Science Week

 During British Science Week we have been learning all about The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We are very familiar with the story and were able to retell it and talk about key events.  We tasted some of the fruits at snack time and then we began to think about the different textures of the fruit. We used super words such as wet, soft, rough, watery, hard, juicy and smooth. We then chose different fruits to print a beautiful picture with using lots of bright colours that reminded us of the story.

We have had an extremely busy few weeks learning in Nursery. We are currently learning all about growth and changes over time. We are observing this by planting beans, sunflower seed and cress and watching them grow. We are keeping track of the changes in a special diary where we can document how our seeds have changed over time. We also have some exciting new creatures in Nursery! We are now home to Indian Stick Insects - we have asked lots of questions about them and are going to be finding out the answer to these over the next few weeks! 

We really enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day and World Book Day too!

Planting sunflower seeds: 

Labelling parts of a flower: 

Shrove Tuesday:

World book day:

Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New year. The children have enjoyed learning the story of the Great Race - the origin of the Chinese Zodiac. We have created a class Chinese Dragon and learned all about Dragon dances during the festival. The children have explored several ways that people all over the world celebrate Chinese New Year. We even had some very special snack of different Chinese foods including prawn crackers, wontons and spring rolls!

Tasting prawn crackers
Tasting prawn crackers
Painting material to be the body of the Chinese Dragon
Painting material to be the body of the Chinese Dragon

Space explorers

This week the children have been interested in space. After reading How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers the children have been exploring the idea of outer space and space travel. Together we decided to build a rocket to fly into space. The children spent a lot of time decorating our rocket, ensuring it had enough windows, seat belts and seats for everyone. 

We needed windows on the bottom so we could see Earth!
We needed windows on the bottom so we could see Earth!
Making sure there are enough windows.
Making sure there are enough windows.

After watching a short clip of British astronaut Tim Peake on the International space Station the children knew we needed special space helmets to help us breathe in space. The children chose blue shiny material to make helmets and some decorated these in the creative area!

Space helmets to help us breathe in space.
Space helmets to help us breathe in space.

The children then decided to draw maps to the moon and different planets to we didn't get lost in space! 

A map to the moon.
A map to the moon.
A map to space.
A map to space.

The children decided to go to the moon first. They discussed whether the moon was made of cheese or rocks. The children also practiced moon walking and wondered if aliens would live on the moon. Together we made alien costumes.

Return after Christmas

Welcome to all our returning children after a busy Christmas holidays! 

Last week the children explored 2d shapes. The whole class were extremely interested in 2d shape and we completed a range of different activities to secure our knowledge and understanding. The children were most excited to be 2d shape detectives and find a range of 2d shapes around the classroom on a top secret mission! We even learned about some tricky 2d shapes like oval, kite, diamond and even trapezium!

A warm welcome to all our our new families joining us this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit last week and we can't wait to welcome them into our class :)



We have been very busy in Nursery for the past few weeks! The children have all settled into Nursery routines wonderfully and are taking part in some amazing learning. We are letting the children lead the learning by following their interests..


So far we have learned about dinosaurs, autumn, fruits, zoo animals, and the children are currently very interested in dancing!


We are looking at lots of different dances from around the world this week. The children are having great fun joining in and learning new dance moves!




Welcome to all our new and returning families! We have had a fantastic first week in Nursery and are all enjoying learning in the new areas of provision - especially outside!

Welcome Back!

We hope all of our nursery families have had a wonderful Summer and we can't wait to see you all next week.

All nursery children will begin their chosen sessions week commencing 10th September.

If your child is a new starter, we look forward to seeing you at your home on Friday 7th September :)