Great Preston VC C of E Primary School

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Headteacher: Mrs Katie Pashley
Chair of Governors: Mr David Jordan

Preston Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26 8AR

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Maths Week

Last week was Maths week across school. Year 1 took part in Maths quizzes and challenges including answering questions such as: how many pieces of fruit did the Hungry Caterpillar eat? 

We also carried out an investigation to decide if the height of a ramp changed how far a car travelled. There was lots of measuring happening all around the classroom not just for our cars but some children were even measuring their friends! 

Zoo Lab Visit 

Year 1 really enjoyed their visit from Zoo Lab yesterday. The children had a chance to look at different kinds of animals and even stroke or hold some of them! We were visited by a rat, a snake, a hissing cockroach and a tarantula. 

The lady from Zoo lab talked about the different classifications of animals which will help with our Science work over the next fortnight. We discovered arachnids, mammals, insects and talked about all of the different classifications and the associated vocabulary. At home you could think about different animals and what classification they are. 

Poetry Day 

The children have all enjoyed learning the class poem called " Mirror Mirror" by Benjamin Zephaniah. They practised and used actions until they knew it inside and out. On Poetry day we performed to Nursery class and we watched their performance. It was a fabulous Poetry day and we look forward to next year's. 

Messy Maths!.

This week we have been very busy in maths writing one digit numbers in many different ways. We have drawn them in flour, found the numbers in sand, printed numicon and much more! We have learnt different rhymes to help us remember how to write them all correctly. Ask us if we can remember any of them!

Welcome to Year 1!

Mrs Worland, Mrs Wray and I are so impressed at how well the children have settled into Year 1 this week. All children have displayed excellent behaviour and worked so hard in all aspects of their learning! Thank you Year 1. 



PE will be taught every Monday and Friday. PE kits will stay in school and sent home at the end of every half term to be washed. We ask that they are returned when children return to school.


Reading books will be given to children next week to take home with them. We ask that you support your child by reading with them for five short sessions a week. Little and often is key! Reading books and reading records should be brought to school every day.


All children have been given a log in for Mathletics this week. You will find it in the front of their reading records. In the future when maths homework is set, you will find it on this website/app  ( If you have any problems accessing this please do not hesitate to ask me. 

Year 1

Our Seaside Trip 

Year One really enjoyed our trip to the seaside on Tuesday. The weather did eventually clear up and we managed to get onto the beach where the children tried to build their own sand sculptures. We had a tour of the lifeboat station and got to see the boats. We all really enjoyed having an ice cream. It is a shame it was too wet and cold for paddling but we made the best of the day. 

The Royal Armouries

The class really enjoyed their trip to the Armouries. They met a real knight called Sir George who needed their help after he had come face to face with a dragon! The children helped Sir George with his armour and helped him to rebuild his castle. They all got to try parts of the armour on and it was really heavy. In the afternoon we watched two knights having a pollaxe fight. It was an amazing day and as you can see from the pictures - lots of fun.

Before the holidays we enjoyed making Tudor houses and recreated the Great Fire of London. The children spent time looking at the style and features of the houses. They then worked in pairs to make their own houses- demonstrating these features. 

We recreated the fire outside to look at how the fire spread through the streets. Although the wind worked against us we successfully watched as some of the Tudor houses caught alight. 

Orang-utan Assembly

The class decided to perform an assembly for Year 5 and 6- teaching them all about orang-utans. The children had to do their own research and find out all about why orang-utans are endangered and the reasons for this. Each child in class was given a role or a section  of the assembly to think about. They then had to write their own sentence about this topic using the information that they knew and make sure that it wasn't the same as anyone else's sentence. The class were fabulous and our extensive knowledge really impressed Years 5 and 6. Miss Lyndon-Hogg and Ms Taylor were shocked at how much the class knew. 

Monkey Business

In Design Technology we have starting to think about making model with moving parts. Our introduction to this topic was making split-pin orang-utans. The children were so impressed with them and how their arms and legs could move. They had to cut out each part really carefully, pierce holes where needed and use split-pins to join the parts. 

Planting Beans 

The children really enjoyed planting beans this week as part of their Science work on plants. We look forward to watching them grow and observing what happens to them. 

In Maths this week we have been focusing on our number bonds to 20. We have been trying to represent them in different ways such as: with ten frames, Numicon, Part,Part Whole frames and as written calculations. We need to try and remember all of  the pairs of numbers  that add up to make 20.

Making Raita. 

The children have been writing instructions this week and have written the instructions for how to make raita. The children then tested out their instructions by making their own raita. We even dipped some chapatti in it which we have been dying to try since reading the story; Chapatti Moon.

Messy Maths

We had a lot of fun in Maths this week using the Numicon, dipped in paint to print different amounts. The children were able to print different pieces of Numicon then add them together to find the total. It was very messy but very enjoyable. 

Letter Writing. 

This half term we have been reading a book called the Jolly Postman.. The children have learnt all about writing letters and we thought it was a good idea to write letters to our families to let them know how we have been getting on in Year One. The children made plans or their letters and wrote draft letters from these plans. We edited them to make them better and then wrote up a final draft. Our favourite part of the process was licking the envelope! 

As a class we all walked down to the post box, carrying our letters. We were all very excited and enjoyed walking with our friends. We then posted the letters to our families. When the children came back to school, they were all excited to tell me about receiving their letters through the post and I sure they were just as excited at home!