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Chair of Governors: Mr David Jordan

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                YEAR 5

Phases of the Moon

This week's science lesson was very tasty as we learnt all about the phases of the moon using Oreo cookies. Have a look at our information posters below.


Our fractions topic got off to a great start this week as we used the cuisenaire rods to explore equivalent fractions. After using different coloured rods to represent our whole, we were then able to use drawings as a visual representations. We also started to see the link between the numerator and the denominator and spotted how multiplication could be used.

Happy New Year!

What an excellent start to 2020 we have had in Year 5. The children came back to school refreshed and very ready to learn as we launched our new topic 'Fair trade'. In our first couple of lessons this week, we learnt all about trade. After understanding the terms import and export, we focused on what we trade and who we trade with. This also gave us a great opportunity to recap our place knowledge! Well done for a fantastic start back!


We started our new topic this week by listening to a piece of music from Gustav Holst. We responded to the piece using charcoal and pencil and then discussed why we had chosen the thickness, length and type. Many of us felt that the music represented a battle or storm and so we were pleased to find out the piece of music was called Mars, bringer of war. Listen to the music being performed below.


Everyone in Year 5 has been working incredibly hard during our weekly guitar lesson. We are now able to play our E, B, G and D strings and can now play A. We have even explored running and walking notes and combined these together to play a short piece. Here's how to play an A...

Poetry Day

We really enjoyed exploring this year's theme of Truth for National Poetry Day this week. We focused on A Legend of Truth by Rudyard Kipling and spent the morning working hard to analyse the poem. I was so impressed by the children's understanding of the poem and how hard they worked to understand a lot of new vocabulary. In the afternoon, we wowed Year 6 with a performance of the first stanza.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our new school year in Year 5! We have had a lovely day getting to know each other and the rules and routines of Class 5. Our topic for this half term is the Anglo Saxons - watch this space for photos of our exciting work linked to this! 


 PE Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Reading: Read every night and record this in your planner



Mosque and Art Gallery Visit

We had a jam packed day when we had a double trip day! In the morning we visited Leeds Grand Mosque to take part in their celebration event. Everyone (including the adults) learnt so much as we listened to the call to prayer, learnt about the Quran and found out about the similarities between Islam and Christianity! Out afternoon then involved a visit to the gallery, where we enjoyed exploring various pieces of art.

Final half term

Everyone has come back to school refreshed for our final half term. We had some very creative workers over half term, who produced wonderful learning logs all about nature.

Triathlon Fun

What an exciting afternoon! Some of our class joined children from Year 3 and 4 to take part in the Brownlee Mini Triathlon at John Charles Center. After completing a quick swim, children threw on their shorts and t shirts (over their wet swimming kit!) and cycled 800m before finishing with a run around the track. I was so impressed with everyone's hard work!

Chinese Festivals

Over the last few months, we've been lucky enough to have Hannah and Liz visiting us as part of their university course. They taught us all about festivals in China, how to play new games and how to say different Chinese phrases. We even chatted with Kevin, a Year 5 boy in China! 

Tour de Yorkshire

To celebrate the Tour de Yorkshire passing near our school, we themed our lessons for the day all around cycling. We even brought in bikes and scooters for a cycling session on the playground.

Holst in Space

We launched our new topic with a music focus. During our first lesson, we listened to a new piece of music and responded using charcoal and coloured pencils. After listening to the music, we used our visualisation skills to explore what the piece could be about. Many children explained that the piece made them think about war and battles and were very pleased to find out that the name of the piece was Mars - Bringer of War! 

Have a listen here:

Ancient Greek Pottery

To end our topic on Ancient Greece, we learnt all about Ancient Greek pottery and designed our own piece. Before making them, we developed our clay techniques, learning how to use coiling, slabbing and pinching. Here are some photos of our process...

World Book Day!

Today saw some very creative outfits for our 'Storyteller' themed World Book Day! We shared our favourite story with our friends in class, then swapped classes to share our books with Year 6 and even had a visit from Mrs Pashley, who read us a few chapters of a book she loves called 'Pig Heart Boy'. Don't forget to check out the £1 books you can get with your book token!

Here's where you can search for a book shop to use your voucher, near us:

Leeds City Museum Trip

What an exciting first week back for Year 5 with a trip to the museum! As we spent last half term comparing life in different Greek city states, we were able to use this knowledge to help us explore the Ancient Greek artefacts in the museum. The rest of our workshop involved studying and making our own coins, investigating mystery objects and even handling 2000 year old artefacts!


We are coming to the end of our fractions unit and the children have been working so hard with all of their new learning. We have learnt to add, subtract and multiply fractions. Our lessons this week involved some very tricky challenges, which everyone has approached with a positive attitude and displayed great perseverance. Some children even asked to take more challenges home to complete!


Our Thursday morning was very exciting this week as some of our parents joined us in class! We learnt all about when Christingle is celebrated (between Advent Sunday and Candlemas) and, after learning about what each part of the Christingle represents, created our own. Our adults were then able to join us in the hall for a wonderful service with Reverend Diane. Thank you to those parents who were able to join us for this event!

Fraction Fun

We have really got stuck into our fractions unit in Year 5 this term, learning all about equivalent fractions, adding, subtracting and simplifying fractions. When learning how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers, we used Numicon and Cuisenaire rods.


We started our new science topic this week by dissecting a flower to learn all about the different parts. Our posters below show the names of the parts, along with their job.

Black History Month Learning Logs

Over the half term holidays, children were asked to find out about a famous figure from Black History. Have a look at some of our fabulous work...

Cycling Fun

Most of Year 5 took part in a cycling session this morning. Children learnt how to cycle around a track and practised techniques for travelling around a corner. Everyone then moved onto cycling in and out of cones, under bars and over ramps, before finishing with a race! What a thrilling way to end the half term!

Anglo Saxon Food

It was an exciting end to our topic work on Wednesday when we learnt how to cook pottage, an Anglo Saxon soup. Everyone used 'bridge' and 'claw' to carefully prepare the vegetables for our hearty soup. We were very impressed with our finished results, although we're not sure the rest of the school enjoyed the smell of our boiled cabbage!


Our Science focus for the half term has been all about materials. This week, we designed an experiment to answer the question 'Which metal is the best conductor of electricity?' The methods ranged from rating the brightness of a bulb to the time taken for a buzzer to sound.


We have been working very hard practising our spellings for homework. Here are a few photos of our most recent, fabulous work...

National Poetry Day

We enjoyed looking at Last night I saw the city breathing by Andrew Peters. After identifying examples of personification, we explored the effect of these on the reader. We then selected our favourite phrase from the poem and drew pictures to represent it. Our afternoon was filled with performance poetry as we learnt and performed our poem to Year 1.


Our computing unit for the half term is 'We are cryptographers'. In looking at how information is communicated, we have learnt how to use semaphore signals, Morse code and the Caesar cipher.


What a fantastic first week back we've had in Year 5. We have settled in to our new classroom, routines and roles and have already launched our Anglo Saxon topic. Our week began with attempting to make an origami penguin... This proved a great reminder of the importance of having a growth mindset when approaching new challenges, which will really help us in this new school year!